Ithaa has made dining under the sea a reality for many. It’s the world’s first undersesa restaurant, located 16-feet below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in Alif Dhaal Atoll in the Republic of Maldives. The food served at this restaurant is basically contemporary European with Asian influences. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.


Ithaa, which means mother-of-pearl in Dhivehi, is a mostly acrylic structure with a 14-person capacity. The space is approximately 5m x 9m (16ft x 30ft) and was designed and constructed by M.J. Murphy. The restaurant officially opened on April 15, 2005. Entrance to Ithaa is via a spiral staircase in a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty. The estimated life span of the structure is 20 years.


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