Separate Reflection Software

Hate when you take photos through a window, only to notice reflections after reviewing them? This piece of software aims to rid you of that problem. “Rather than capturing a single image, we instruct the user to take a short image sequence while slightly moving the camera. Differences that often exist in the relative position of the background and the obstructing elements from the camera allow us to separate them based on their motions, and to recover the desired background scene as if the visual obstructions were not there. We show results on controlled experiments and many real and practical scenarios, including shooting through reflections, fences, and raindrop-covered windows,” said researchers from Google and MIT. Continue reading for another video on a mind-boggling software technology that mines time-lapse videos from internet photos.

We introduce an approach for synthesizing time-lapse videos of popular landmarks from large community photo collections.

The approach is completely automated and leverages the vast quantity of photos available online. First, we cluster 86 million photos into landmarks and popular viewpoints.

Then, we sort the photos by date and warp each photo onto a common viewpoint. Finally, we stabilize the appearance of the sequence to compensate for lighting effects and minimize flicker.

Our resulting time-lapses show diverse changes in the world’s most popular sites, like glaciers shrinking, skyscrapers being constructed, and waterfalls changing course.

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