Cinder Cone Treehouse

Foster Huntington, a popular blogger and photographer, quit his job in New York three-years-ago to move into a van and surf and camp around the West Coast. Now, he’s decided to build an incredible treehouse, complete with a skatepark and a wood-burning hot tub, in Skamania County, Washington, to settle down into. He began drawing the plans for the Cinder Cone Treehouse last spring, with the help of a small group of close friends, as well as his carpenter mother, Huntington broke ground in June 2014 and worked through the winter. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Huntington said a treehouse was a “good evolution” after spending years enjoying life in a camper. He found the perfect spot nestled between a row of Douglas fir trees, situated on a hill. The treehouse is made up of two 200-square-foot structures, connected by a 25-foot bridge, with one acting as a workshop / guesthouse, and the other, an octagonal cabin with bunk beds. Yes, there’s still Wi-Fi and 4G internet, even way up in the trees. Believe it or not, the estimated cost of this natural mansion was only $170,000. He says: “I feel like it’s important to live in a place that’s really inspiring to live and in this day and age of the internet you can kind of work from wherever.”

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