Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cabinet
Mojang Studios recently partnered with Play Mechanix to develop Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. This new cabinet offers a four-player co-op experience with a fresh approach to the standard version, with a limited number of machines being distributed across North America for testing, and more being released later this year. This arcade version contains the familiar multiplayer, dungeon-crawling gameplay, and adds a new take on all of these modes. Read more for a video showing what Minecraft Dungeons is all about and additional information.

Put simply, there are nine total levels, and each player just needs to focus on three specific buttons: Melee, Dodge, and Range. Unlike the console versions that use save files, the player uses physical cards earned through each play session to empower their character with weapons, pets, skins, and items, in Minecraft Duengeons Arcade. There are 60 cards in all to collect, and each player can scan up to five cards per session with the help a scanner positioned on top of the cabinet. Plus, you’ll still get to keep the cards earned to both collect and use them in future game sessions.

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