Mitsubishi Electric Bread Oven Most Expensive Toaster
Mitsubishi’s Bread Oven is touted as the world’s most expensive toaster, or least mass-produced model, and the device only cooks one piece of bread. How does it work? Well, the Bread Oven seals a single slice of bread inside a metal box and transfers heat through two plates at temperatures as high as 260° Celsius (500° Fahrenheit). Product page. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

It’s designed for Japanese-style square bread and shaped more like a waffle maker, thus its clamshell design doesn’t work well for rolls or baguettes. However, it can handle cheese or an egg atop the slice and is meant to be used at the dining table, not the kitchen counter.

Mitsubishi Electric bread oven TO-ST1-T retro brown Toaster which burns 1 sheet of ultimate
  • ◆ Body Size: (W) 270 × (D) 223 × (H) 140 mm / ◆ Inside Size: (W) 192 × (D) 142 × (H) 44 mm / ◆ Open Height of Lid: 290 mm / ◆ Body Weight: about 3.1 kg / ◆ Power Cord Length: about 1.5m
  • ※ ◆ Power Supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) / ※ ◆ Power Consumption: 930 W
  • ◆ Accessories: ● Spatula / ● Japanese Recipe Book / ● Japanese Instruction Manual

We wanted to focus on the single slice, and treat it with respect. Our technology and know-how with rice cookers helped us come up with a way to trap and seal moisture,” said Akihiro Iwahara, head of technical development at Mitsubishi Electric’s home-appliances division.