Mokai Kayak

Mokai Manufacturing takes kayaking to the next level with the Mokai ES-Kape, a jet-propelled model equipped with a 7hp, four-stroke engine to help you easily traverse. Controlling the watercraft is as simple as twisting a joystick-like knob from inside the kayak. This makes it perfect for finding a good fishing hole in record time. Continue reading for another video of it in-action and more information.

“The Mokai�s modular design makes for easy transportation and is simple for the average user to assemble and disassemble the kayak without the need for any tools. It’s just 42 pounds and can finally grant you access to places you never thought possible with the just a regular kayak. Ironically enough, thanks to the Mokai, being up a creek without a paddle is now a goal, not a worry,” reports Hi Consumption.