Photo credit: Mommas Gone City

The story began when last Christmas, blogger Jessica Shyba’s older children – Jack and Zoe – met Santa Clause at the mall and ask for a puppy. Their previous apartment complex manager prohibited animals, but they soon moved out of the city and found this adorable puppy at a shelter. A few pictures of puppy Theo and her toddler son Beau napping together was all it took for them to rocket to internet stardom. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Here’s a bit more information from Bored Panda: “After a few weeks of searching local shelters, they found a puppy that they fell in love with – Theo. He craved human friendship and attention from the moment he came home with his new family and, three days after coming home with them, he joined Beau for his daily nap. His mother, overpowered by the cuteness, took a picture, and the rest is history. Now that Shyba is sharing pictures of this perfectly cute pair of nap buddies with over 65,000 followers on her Instagram, they are warming hearts around the world.”


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