Tietgenkollegiet Copenhagen Dorm

Let’s face it, most college dorms are designed to be affordable, and don’t feature the many luxuries found back at home. Copenhagen’s Tietgenkollegiet might be the exception. It’s essentially beautiful circular student dormitory that was designed by Lundgaard and Tranberg. The Tietgen Residence Hall comes complete with community kitchens, workshops, cafes, music rooms, and a central activity courtyard. That’s not all, students can also find bike storage, an auditorium, a roof deck, and even exposed concrete / magnesium floors inside their rooms. Continue reading for more images and information.

“Tietgenkollegiet is 7 stories tall and contains 360 rooms set up in blocks of twelve. Each room faces the outside of the circle and has panoramic views of the channel and other surroundings. The common areas, lounges, and kitchens surround the inner-most courtyard. The circular design creates a sense of equality and unity, while the rooms’ unique alternating projected windows and terraces provide a wide range of housing opportunities,” reports Inhabitat.