Mr. Beast Squid Game Real-Life
Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast online, has recreated the “Squid Game” show on Netflix in real-life to the best of his ability. To make this possible, he had to recruit 456 people to play, and throw in a handsome reward to boot. To be more specific, the winner of this competition took home a whopping $456,000 USD, but in all, it cost Mr. Beast around $3.5-million to put everything together. Read more to see how it all went down.

Besides the incredible marbles set, Mr. Beast also recreated Red Light, Green Light, Glass Bridge and more. What you may notice is that the final game is nothing more than musical chairs rather than a head-to-head showdown like in the Netflix series. In the end, the video has already racked up 19.9-million views on YouTube, which means that the $3.5-million he spent on it will most likely be recouped in the next few months.

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Jimmy this is incredible. At this point you should take the next logical step and establish a movie/ TV production company — you’ve pretty much already created one from scratch. I would love to see how you could shake up that industry,” said one fan.

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