TMNT Shredder's Revenge iOS Android Netflix
Sure, the Blockbuster comedy series may not have lasted for more than a season, but that didn’t stop Netflix from releasing the 1980s-style TMNT Shredder’s Revenge for iOS and Android today. It’s free for all members of the streaming service and lets you play with iconic TMNT characters including Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, as well as Rupert’s Pizza-loving Michelangelo.

Netflix Blockbuster Video Series
Sure, you could still visit the last Blockbuster Video store on Earth, but ‘Blockbuster’, a Netflix comedy series based on the video rental chain will let you relive some of those 90s moments without having to travel to Bend, Oregon. It stars Timmy Yoon (Randall Park) who has been working for the chain since the seventh grade and is still standing strong at the very last Blockbuster store in America.

AI Tom Holland Link Live-Action Zelda Movie Netflix
Photo credit: Dan Leveille
Even Unreal Engine 5 couldn’t be used to predict what Tom Holland would look like as Link in a live-action The Legend of Zelda movie, but one fan used the Midjourney AI model to imagine just that. The movie star pulled off Nathan Drake in Uncharged, and Dan Leville thinks that he’d be able to faithfully play Link with the right prosthetics.

Stranger Nights Epic Short Film Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
To celebrate the releases of ‘Stranger Things 4’, Samsung released a ‘Stranger Nights Epic’ short film that includes scenes shot with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The smartphone was used to showcase its powerful Nightography capabilities and used to recreate that distinct style as well as a cinematic story demonstrating how Galaxy technology has the power to capture what would otherwise go unseen in the dark.

Microsoft Stranger Things Xbox Series X Console
Microsoft created a custom ‘Stranger Things’ Xbox Series S console to celebrate the release of season 4 on Netflix last week. The team claims that these Xbox Series S consoles have been trapped in the Upside Down for an unknown amount of time, and their design reflects that. Design inspiration came from the cassette players of the 1980s, complete with the vines, tendrils and ooze of the oddities found deep within the Upside Down.

Mr. Beast Squid Game Real-Life
Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast online, has recreated the “Squid Game” show on Netflix in real-life to the best of his ability. To make this possible, he had to recruit 456 people to play, and throw in a handsome reward to boot. To be more specific, the winner of this competition took home a whopping $456,000 USD, but in all, it cost Mr. Beast around $3.5-million to put everything together. Read more to see how it all went down.

Netflix Games iOS iPhone iPad
Netflix Games launched on Android around a week ago, but now, the titles have arrived on iOS devices worldwide. Unlike the Google Play Store, when you click on any Netflix Games title on an iOS device, whether it be the iPhone or iPad, you’re directed to Apple’s App Store to download the title. Once downloaded, you’ll be required to authenticate with your Netflix credentials to begin playing. Read more for a short video covering the titles available.

Netflix Gaming Service Android Stranger Things Launch
Netflix Gaming made its debut in Poland a couple of months ago, but now, the service has launched in more regions. Members with Android devices will be able to enjoy such titles as Stranger Things: 1984 (BonusXP), Stranger Things 3: The Game (BonusXP), Shooting Hoops (Frosty Pop), Card Blast (Amuzo & Rogue Games), and Teeter Up (Frosty Pop). Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when iOS versions are going to be released. Read more for two videos, including some gameplay, and additional information.

Netflix Cowboy Bebop Opening Credits
Finally, Netflix has announced a release date for its long awaited live-action Cowboy Bebop series, and it’s November 19, 2021. Developed by André Nemec and written by Christopher Yost, the series stars John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine), Elena Satine (Julia), and Alex Hassell (Vicious). This reboot was actually teased back in 2017 before being picked up by Netflix a year later, so the 10-episode series could be expanded further, depending on its reception. Read more to see the opening credits and scene shots.