File this under: outer space anomalies. In February of 1960, US intelligence officers detected an unknown object that was in polar orbit, a feat that neither they or the USSR had been able to accomplish. This object apparently was several times larger than anything either country would have been able to get off the ground at the time. The mystery began when HAM operators started to receive strange coded messages. One operator reported that he decoded one of the transmissions, and it corresponded to a star chart that would’ve been plotted from earth 13,000 years ago, focused on the Epsilon Bostes star system. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Seven months after “The Black Knight” was first spotted (September 3, 1960), a tracking camera at Grumman Aircraft Corporation’s Long Island factory photographed the object. Ground viewers described it as a red and glowing moving in an east-to-west orbit at three times the normal speed of a normal satellite. A committee was quickly formed to examine this anomaly, but nothing during their meetings was ever made public.