Nanox ARC X-Ray Bed
Unlike traditional X-ray imaging machines, the Star Trek-inspired Nanox.ARC biobed aims to make medical scanning available to people around the world at a significantly lower cost and with a much smaller footprint than current machines. That’s right, this means patients won’t have to deal with intimidating CT scans, but rather lay in a portable bed designed to make the patient feel more at ease while the scanning process is carried out.

Without having to produce heat, the “cold cathode” can be made between 70-90% smaller, thus reducing the cost. This enabled the company to use multiple tubes in a stationary tube array rather than relying on one or two tubes in a rotating gantry. What this equates to is a ‘no moving parts’ solution, and when coupled with the cold electron nano gun, creates a medical imaging system that provides the same imaging capabilities of traditional X-rays, minus the cost as well as radiation.

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We believe the Nanox.ARC has the potential to significantly expand the market by providing access to the roughly two-thirds of the world’s population who currently do not have access to medical imaging. If successful, we believe this can revolutionize preventive healthcare through early detection of serious and costly medical conditions. To date, we have signed agreements for the deployment of more than 5,100 Nanox.ARC units through our service providers in numerous countries, and, pending local regulatory approvals and customer acceptance, we believe we can begin deployments as early as mid-year 2021,” said Ran Poliakine, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nanox.


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