NASA Mars Exploration

Congress has just passed a bill that gives NASA a $19.5-billion budget to send a manned crew to Mars, but under one condition…it must happen within the next 25 years. “In order to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the long-term exploration and utilization activities of the United States, the Administrator shall take all necessary steps, including engaging international academic, and industry partners to ensure the activities in the Administration’s human exploration program balance how those activities might also help meet the requirement of future exploration and utilization activities leading to human habitation on the surface of Mars,” states the bill. Continue reading for another video on the colonization of Mars and more information.

“Owing to the orbits of Earth and Mars there are specific windows of opportunity when a mission can take place. Our planets come as close to each other as 33.9 million miles (54.6 million km), but can be as distant as 250 million miles (400 million km). For this reason spacecraft to Mars, such as the Curiosity rover, have to launch in certain windows when the planets are aligned. The next window is open from January 2017 to April 2017, and will see the launch of two more missions to the red planet,” according to The Daily Mail.


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