NASA Voyager 2 Edge of Space

NASA has announced that Voyager 2, a space probe launched on August 20, 1977, has detected ‘an increase in cosmic rays that originate outside our solar system,’ combined with the fact that it’s almost 11-billion miles away from Earth, scientists believe that it close to leaving the confines of the solar system. Since 2007, Voyager 2 has been traveling towards the heliosphere, a bubble-like region of space that encompasses not only all 8 planets, but far beyond as well. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“For the first time, scientists are able to compare one object’s journey through the heliosphere’s with another’s. Voyager 1 crossed through this territory years ago, in 2012, and its own CRS detected a similar rise in cosmic rays. But scientists are quick to note that every interstellar journey is unique, and that Voyager 2 is traveling towards a different part of the heliopause than Voyager 1,” reports Yahoo News.