The Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition may appear to be the original video game console, but it’s actually just a new portable system that’s set to be released in December. It comes with “20 pre-loaded games, a faithful recreation of the original console arcade stick and an AES-shaped charging / controller dock that pipes video and audio out to a proper television.” Product page. Continue reading for a hands-on video, more pictures, and additional information.


The complete Neo Geo X Gold limited edition will cost $200 when it lands this December, but the standalone handheld can be had for $130. It isn’t the cheapest handheld on the market today, or even the most technically capable in its price range — but as a trip down memory lane for Neo Geo fans, it’s hard to beat. The complete set offers not only a solid collection of classic games, but a novel and modular retro experience. If Neo Geo continues to release additional game cards, they could have a winner on their hands, at least for gamers with fond memories of the 90s.


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