The Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition is now available, and it comes pre-loaded with 20 of the most well-known titles from the console’s history. Other features include: a sharp 4.3″ LCD display, an expandable game card slot, internal stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Product page. Continue reading for a video review, hands-on pictures, and more information.

Video Review

The original NEO GEO home console was released in 1990 in Japan by SNK. Its arcade-quality home software set it apart the competition; NEO GEO games were identical to arcade ones because the hardware was the same. Of course, all that came at a price: At $650 (over $1100 today), it was too expensive to be popular. Back in the day, if you could have afforded the equivelant to the NEOGEO X Offering (And let’s face it, very few could), everything offered in the NEOGEO X Gold system would have set you back a whopping $6000! No wonder people call the NEOGEO the Bugatti brand of gaming Product page.

Hands-On Pictures

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