Nerf Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
The massive 1:1 scale Nerf Gjallarhorn rocket launcher that measures over 4-feet-long from Destiny 2 finally goes up for pre-order on July 7th, priced at $185 USD. Just like in the game during reloads, the entire top housing of the blaster shifts forward, opening the loading bay before you pop the shell in just like the animation.

Nerf Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher Destiny 2
Should there be any Gjallarhorn rocket launchers left after the pre-order, the rest will go on sale to the public starting July 21st. One difference from the game version is that you won’t have a rocket that splits into multiple darts, but rather a special shell that shoots three of the MEGA darts at once, which gives a visual sense of the Wolfpack Rounds swirling and flying through the air towards your target. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with any of the Estes’ 1:66 scale Blue Origin New Shepard rockets.

NERF Star Wars Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster, The Mandalorian, Scope, 10 Official Elite Darts, Breech Load, 50.25 Inches Long (Amazon Exclusive)
  • STAR WARS BLASTER REPLICA: This dart-firing blaster captures the iconic look of the Amban Phase-pulse Blaster seen in The Mandalorian live-action TV...
  • OVER 50 INCHES LONG: It measures an awesome 50.25 inches long (1.27 meters) Whether you're displaying the blaster or bringing it to a game, this...
  • BREECH LOAD, PRIMING HANDLE, SCOPE: Load a dart into the breech, pull back the priming handle, and press the trigger to fire. Comes with a targeting...

Nerf Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher Destiny 2

You pop the shell in just like the animation, and then you pull it back and you’re ready to blast off a burst of three MEGA darts, which is super awesome. It’s the first time at NERF that we’ve ever done an easily reloadable MEGA dart shell that fires multiple MEGA darts at once,” said Hasbro.

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