Nestle Smart Food

Nestle announced that it’s developing ‘exercise in a bottle’, or to be more specific, a drink or pill that burns fat the same way exercise does. Scientists at the company’s Geneva headquarters say they’ve found how an enzyme in charge of regulating metabolism can be stimulated by a compound called C13. Kei Sakamoto, the lead scientist on diabetes and circadian rhythms at Nestle, researched how the master regulator of the body’s metabolism, an enzyme called AMPK, is controlled at the molecular level. He says, “Ideally, we’ll be able to develop products that will help promote and augment the effects of exercise.” Continue reading for more information.

Smart Food

“The next stage is to identify natural substances that can influence this molecular mechanism. This could lead to the development of new dietary approaches with targeted effects on the body that, like exercise, could help in addressing metabolic problems and maintaining a healthy energy balance,” reports Ed Baetge, head of the Nestle Institute of Health Sciences.


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