Photo credit: 2012 Drew Phillips / AOL

Unlike its predecessor, the new Acura / Honda NSX boasts “two little electric motors at the front of the car, one for each wheel, which means independent drive to each wheel, and the ability to tighten or loosen the car’s cornering line for very effective torque vectoring; meanwhile another electric motor is embedded in the gearbox to enhance the V6’s power.” Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for the reveal video from the Detroit Auto Show.

It’ll be able to reclaim braking energy like any hybrid, so it’ll be efficient on fuel. But it’ll also have extra performance and supernatural cornering. In fact Ito said they’ll very likely make a racing version too. Weight distribution should be good, with the engine and battery pack both mid-mounted. And in line with NSX principles of old (it was the first aluminium sports car), they promise overall weight will be low.

[via AutoblogTopGear]