The all-new Aston Martin V8 “gets the new seven-speed Sportshift II auto box from the Vantage S, as well as quicker steering, bigger brakes and wider tyres, all aping the S.” Expect a limited-edition Zagato model later this year. Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for a video of the 2012 Vantage S.

Aston has left the 4.7-litre V8 unchanged, so you’re still looking at 420bhp and 346lb ft of torque (meaning a 0-62mph time of 4.8 seconds). But it has replaced the optional six-speed auto with the newer, better, optional Sportshift II ‘box from the Vantage S; a unit that features closer ratios, a lower final drive and a quicker, refined shift quality. A manual is standard equipment, naturally.

[via TopGear]

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