Aston Martin


Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Daniel Craig
At $700,007, this Aston Martin DBS Superleggera designed in partnership with Daniel Craig isn’t something you expect to find in a Christmas catalog, but that’s the only place you’ll be able to get one this year. No engine upgrades were mentioned, so we assume it’s still powered by the same 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine genearting 715 hp at 6,500 rpm and 664 lb⋅ft of torque as its standard counterpart. Read more for a picture of the interior and additional information.

Aston Martin Residences
At $50-million, you’d expect for a penthouse at the Aston Martin Residences to actually come with a supercar, and that’s exactly what you get. This particular penthouse is located on floors 63-65 and spans 20,000-square-feet of living space. Sleek and stylish, everything has a modern yet minimalist touch, complete with a sleek white palette and a plethora of floor to ceiling glazing to provide breathtaking views of the bay. Read more for a video and additional information.

Street Legal Aston Martin Vulcan Gumball
Aston Martin is currently prepping the world’s only road-legal Vulcan supercar for the Gumball 3000 rally this year, kicking off on June 10th in Mykonos. The exterior is finished in an Avro Vulcan Bomber plane-inspired livery, complete with a Royal Air Force (RAF) roundel on the sides. The Aston Martin Vulcan was originally a track-only vehicle, limited to just 24-units worldwide, but British company RML Group converted one of them back into a street car back in 2017. Read more for a hands-on driving video, additional pictures and information.

Ferrari Toyota Supra
Photo credit: Budget Direct
Most already know that the 2020 GR Supra is a collaboration between Toyota and BMW and based on the latter’s Z4 model, but what if other car manufacturers teamed up to create their own versions? Budget Direct wanted to find out, so they created these whimsical mashup concepts, starting with the Ferrari GR Supra pictured above, which is inspired by the 812 Superfast, and its full-length side intakes. Read more for additional pictures.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Simulator

Let’s face it, some wealthy individuals buy limited edition cars to eventually flip for a profit, and that includes the $3.2-million Aston Martin Valkyrie. This mid-engined hypercar is as close as you’ll get to driving a real F1 car on the streets, as its engine produces an impressive 1,160 bhp at 10,500 RPM and 664 lb-ft at 6,000 RPM, thanks to its naturally-aspirated, Cosworth-built, 6.5-liter V12. An F1-inspired KERS-style boost system consists of an electric motor capable of delivering 160 bhp and 206 lb-ft of torque. Read more to see the simulator in-action with Carfection’s Henry Catchpole behind the wheel.

Aston Martin Lagonda SUV

Aston Martin’s fully electric Lagonda SUV borrows styling cues from superyachts, and this full-electric, all-terrain vehicle is set to launch in 2022. It sports a prominent boat-tail rear end with a slide-out ledge to allow passengers to sit outside and enjoy the views. Not just for show, this SUV boasts an autonomous mode that enable the front seats to swivel around and face the back. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

Aston Martin Valkyrie Gold Pack

The Aston Martin Valkyrie can now be configured with several different packs, with one of them being a “Gold Pack” that includes 24-karat gold livery laid directly under the paint, yet still powered by an incredible 1,000 horsepower 6.5-liter Cosworth V12 that can rev to 11,100 rpm. Another option is the AMR Performance Track Pack, which consists of a new front clam for greater downforce, a second set of exterior body panels, a track-focused suspension that lowers the vehicle by 2 inches, titanium brakes, and magnesium wheels with carbon fiber discs. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera TAG Heuer Edition
There may not be many details yet about the all-new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera TAG Heuer Edition, but expect it to cost a bit more than the standard model ($300,000+) for starters, thanks to it being limited to just 50-units worldwide. Featuring a stealthy Monaco Black paint job, plenty of carbon fiber accents, and red brake calipers complemented by Pirelli Color Edition Tires. Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V12 generating 715 horsepower and 663 lb-feet of torque, which enables it to hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds while topping out at 211 mph. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

LEGO Aston Martin DB5

Priced at $149.99, the 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 set consists of 1,295 LEGO pieces, complete with a detailed straight-six engine, rotating license plates, wheel-mounted tire slashers, a rear bullet shield and even hidden machine guns that can be deployed by pulling back on the gear knob. However, the coolest feature is the working ejector seat, which works when you pull back on the rear bumper. Continue reading for a full video review, more pictures and information.

Aston Martin Vision Volante Aircraft

Honda is already manufacturing their own private jets, but what if you want something more practical and sleek? Introducing the Aston Martin Vision Volante. This personal electric aircraft has room for three adults, and is fully autonomous. “With the population in urban areas continuing to grow, congestion in towns and cities will become increasingly demanding. We need to look at alternative solutions to reduce congestion, cut pollution and improve mobility. air travel will be a crucial part in the future of transportation, the volante vision concept is the ultimate luxury mobility solution,” said Aston Martin President and CEO Dr. Andy Palmer. Continue reading for more pictures and information.