NES Classic Edition Buy

Photo credit: CNET | Gallery photo credit:: Digital Trends

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition just may be the hottest gadget this holiday season, and the entire first batch was sold out within minutes of going live. If you weren’t one of the lucky few, forget paying $60 for the mini-sized console, which comes loaded 30 classic NES games, as scalpers are getting bids in excess of $1,200 online. Continue reading for another video and more information. Click here for a few bonus hands-on images.

“A $60 gadget is going for $1,225. That’s a 1941.6 percent increase. Come on people, you’re smarter than this! Don’t pay these scalper prices! Craigslist is no better than eBay. The shortage of NES Classic Editions and outrageous reseller prices is enraging fans,” reports Mashable.