Nomodo Qi Wireless Charger Mug Cup Warmer

Nomodo’s Trio Wireless Qi Battery Charger not only powers up your mobile phone, but keeps your drinks warm /cool as well, all for $79.99 shipped. This eliminate the need for extra charging cables cluttering your space, as you’ll be able to charge Qi enabled devices quickly on the dock while warming / chilling your beverage at the very same time.Product page. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

The warmer keeps your drink at a toasty temperature as long as you use the cup that it ships with. If you use a ceramic cup it will still stay warm, but not nearly as warm as it does with the provided cup. The cooling function gets so cold you can actually see a layer of frost form on the cooling plate. Needless to say your drink stays ice cold when the device is used this way. I’ve actually stared bringing a large container of water into my office and pouring it from a double-walled container into this device’s cup to keep my drinks cold w/o having to go get ice from the kitchen,” said reviewer K. Skinner on Amazon. More information.