Super Mario Maker 2

Set to hit the Nintendo Switch in June, Super Mario Maker 2 packs tons of new features not found in the previous versions. For example, players are now able to add slopes that look similar to the ones in Super Mario World as well as new gameplay elements from the Wii U game Super Mario 3D World, from transparent warp pipes to the Cat Suit and even enemies such as the Ant Trooper. Read more for a deep dive into all the new features that we know about so far.

“Slightly less obvious are much-needed Super Mario Maker updates like vertically-scrolling levels, coin-collecting level objectives, and custom scrolling — seen at the :50 mark in the announcement trailer, a feature that makes proper airship levels possible. Unfortunately, the trailer also confirms the addition of Super Mario Bros. 3’s Angry Sun, the stuff of nightmares. Other new features, like the ability to add parachutes to enemies and power ups, are showcased in the trailer and highlighted in the game’s promotional artwork,” according to Polygon.


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