Novitec Tornado Huracan

German tuner Novitec’s Torado division has completely revamped the RWD Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2, with this new twin-supercharged version producing 830-horsepower. Other upgrades include: a center-exit variable exhaust system, a full aero body kit, reupholstered interior, a suspension that drops the car 1.4-inches, and a new set of staggered wheels – 20″ in front and 21″ out back. Click here for more images of the Tornado. Continue reading for an exhaust test video and more information.

“Typically, when Lamborghini converts one of its all-wheel drive models to rear drive only, it de-tunes the engine slightly. Otherwise it’d just be too much to handle. Novitec, however, is going the opposite direction,” reports Car Scoops.