NoWatch Smartwatch
Similar to the Stone Watch, the NOWATCH has no display, but this isn’t just a decorative piece or toy. It’s a functional smartwatch with swappable gemstones instead of a screen and is powered by advanced health-tracking technology that quietly works in the background. Users feel gentle vibrations throughout the day that aim to reduce stress, increase awareness and improve mental health.

How does it work? NOWATCH utilizes Philips EDA (Electrodermal Activity) Biosensing Technology to measure changes in sweat gland activity via skin conductance, which then sends a small, non-harmful current to the skin and measures the change in electrical conductance between two points over time on the skin. The watch then uses this to estimate stress levels and then sends vibrations depending on the weather’s biorhythms. A companion smartphone app lets users monitor and respond to stress. Other features include: Bluetooth connectivity, 5ATM waterproofing, and up to 4-days of battery life on a full charge. Available later this year, priced from $499 USD.

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NoWatch Smartwatch

People are more stressed than ever and need simple but powerful solutions that help them stay mindful of their emotions and health. NOWATCH is easy to use so it doesn’t become another distraction or obstacle for the wearer, and is a powerful tool to help people stay grounded in the present and achieve well-being. NOWATCH reminds us all there’s no time like the present and there is only now,” said Hylke Muntinga, NOWATCH CEO and co-founder.

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