Think of One Fast Cat as a giant hamster wheel treadmill hybrid for cats. According to its creator, Sean Farley, “There are many ways to keep your cat lively, giving them access to energetic companions, making a play session part of their day, and/or offering them tempting exercise equipment for use when you’re not at home…that’s why we came up with ‘One Fast Cat’ cat wheel.” Continue reading for a video, more information and the Kickstarter page.

Here’s what Sean would like to add: “There have been more and more test showing that cats kept inside can become bored and develop cat depression and other psychological problems. These issues can present themselves in many ways such as destroying furniture or not using litter boxes. In field testing our cat wheel has proven to not only enhance the physical well-being of our cat but altered her disposition to be more relaxed and calm.” Kickstarter page.