OneWheel Pint Electric Skateboard

Future Motion has just unveiled the Onewheel Pint, a one-wheeled electric skateboard that features Hypercore motor technology for a smooth, powerful ride experience. When paired with the Onewheel App (available for Android and iOS) users will be able to change the way the board rides with Digital Shaping. Available in Slate, Sand and a limited launch edition in Sage colors, thhe board itself can reach speeds of 16 MPH and has a range of 6-8 miles on a full charge. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

“After adding more power, speed and range with our last two product releases, we wanted to put the core Onewheel ride experience into a more accessible package. That’s why we spent the last three years incorporating everything we’ve learned from our other products to make this little shred bot. It’s a great addition to the premium, long-range Onewheel+ XR already in our line-up,” said CEO Kyle Doerksen.