Opera Luxury Camper

Opera looks like a simple trailer, but flip the lid open, set up the canopy, and you’ve got a luxury suite on wheels. The Luxury Camper Trailer aims to transform a typical camping experience into a posh tour experience by combining the cozy atmosphere with luxurious modern amenities. It comes equipped with two electrically adjustable beds,a boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen + shower, heater, toilet, refrigerator, and low energy LED lighting from the awning all the way down to the floor. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“At the back of the room, behind a curtain, is a ceramic sink and toilet. No tripping over guy ropes in the dark. There is the choice of a gas/electric stove or a charcoal grill – the Opera carries its own gas supply, so there’s no need for canisters.Did we mention the heating? The espresso maker? You’ll hardly know you’ve left home – until you step out into the sunshine. Which you will, after using the built-in compass to get a south-facing view,” reports The Daily Mail.

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