OUYE PS4 Xbox One Knockoff

Photo credit: Kotaku

Knockoffs are nothing new, but the OUYE Android game console combines elements from both the PS4 and Xbox One. It runs Android 4.4.2 with a custom, PlayStation-style tile interface, and features an octa-core A80 processor, 2GB of RAM, as well as 16GB of built-in storage. How much will it set you back? Just a mere £45 ($70). Continue reading for more pictures and information.

OUYE China Knockoff PS4 Xbox One

“This is an Android Micro Console being developed by a Shenzhen company. It will be a bit more powerful than the Ouya but the specs are a bit dated. Kickstarter will open later this month with $15k as the target goal. Console is expected to cost around $70 to buy with one controller. The console has had negative feedback from Chinese netizens because this rip off is very very blatant. The company said it took them 1 year and 3 months to get this product ready to ship and they spent ‘6 months on the unique design’….. yes…. unique design,” according to Kotaku.

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