Should the Mars One project become a reality, the team will have to narrow down the number of candidates to just 24-40 from the 200,000+ applicants. The £4,000,000,000 project was founded in 2010 by engineer Bas Lansdorp, who plans to recoup its costs by selling the broadcasting rights to the mission. The Dutch group wants to launch a supply mission that will land on Mars as soon as October 2016, followed by a ‘settlement rover’ in 2018. Continue reading for a video and more information.

They added that landing systems will be tested eight times before they are used to transport humans – a move that Mars One said will make the trips ‘much safer than moon missions’. The second round will include an interview with Mars One committee members, and candidates advancing to the third round will compete against one another.

The third round will include a series of challenges to prepare candidates for the potential mission and will be broadcast on television and online.

The group said it aims to have a human settlement on Mars within a decade. Journey time to Mars, which is approximately 40 million miles away depending on its position in orbit, would be around 200 days.