Jasper, a dog who was paralyzed, received stem cell treatments for approximately 6-months and the results were nothing short of miraculous. His owner reports that “she now ‘can’t stop him whizzing round the house’ and that he is able to keep up with other dogs.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

‘This innovative process uses “olfactory ensheathing” cells taken from the dog’s own nasal lining. ‘Their purpose is specialised for the repair of nerve fibres in the nose, and by transplanting them to the spinal cord they can do the same repair work there. ‘This shows convincingly that the beneficial effects previously reported in rodents can be produced in other species.

‘That is encouraging for application in human injuries. But from a clinical perspective, the benefits are still limited at this stage.’This procedure has enabled an injured dog to step with its hind legs, but the much harder range of higher functions lost in spinal cord injury – hand function, bladder function, temperature regulation, for example – are yet more complicated and still a long way away.’



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