Parrot Disco Drone

Photo credit: Mail Online

Parrot’s all-new 1.5-pound Disco drone ditches the quadcopter look for a fixed-wing design, and users will simply be able to toss it in the air and start piloting the craft. Simply shape to start its single rear propeller and watch it circle upward to gain altitude once tossed in the air. When paired with Parrot’s Skycontroller, you’ll be greeted with a first-person view on a tablet or smartphone, or connect VR goggles to the controller for a fully immersive flight experience. Continue reading for two more videos direct from the CES 2016 showfloor. Click here for more images of the drone.

“Once you’re up, Parrot says because of its list of sensors — accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, GPS — turning left and right is as easy pushing that direction on the control stick, and the same goes for changing altitude. The Disco can reach speeds up to about 50mph (80kmph) and can fly for up to 45 minutes,” according to CNET.