Petz Store Facial Recognition Technology
Petz, a Brazilian pet shop chain, has decided to use facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence to let dogs to buy their favorite products by simply analyzing their facial expressions. How does it work? Simply turn on your internet connected camera, put the dog’s face in frame and then allow the AI system to analyze its facial expressions as you scroll through the various products listed on the site. Once it detects excitement, it automatically adds the product to your shopping cart. Read more for a video and additional information.

“Dog owners have to hold their device – computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. – over their pet’s face so the camera can pick up their reactions. As they browse through the various products listed on Pet Commerce (bones, toys, balls) a video will start to play to attract the animal’s attention. All videos were designed in yellow and blue, as Leonardo Ogata claims that these are the colors that dogs see best. Owners are advised to turn up the volume as well, and not constrain the dogs in any way, as this may irritate them,” reports Oddity Central.

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