Pirelli Ducati SC-Rumble

Looking to be straight from Mad Max: Fury Road, the Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rumble was the result when Ducati and Pirelli collaborated with Vibrazioni Art Design to customize a Scrambler motorcycle. Featuring a shortened stock chassis, aluminum windshield, a circular LED light with a smoked housing and a monocoque made of hand-hammered + sheets recovered from industrial bins. The shell was coated in a transparent polyurethane gloss to give it a smooth finish. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“Additional touches include hand-painted and laser-engraved nitrile rubber accents on the custom tank – emphasizing the tread pattern of the Pirellis – a made-to-measure rear shock, an extended wheelbase, a set of Ducati Street Fighter handlebars and a glossy transparent polyurethane finish,” according to HypeBeast.

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