Pivotal Tracker 1

Pivotal Tracker 1 isn’t just another Fitbit clone, but rather one that touts all the features at just a fraction of the price. Working in conjunction with the Pivotal Living mobile app, it utilizes sensor technology to track daily activities, such as steps walked, daily activity, calories burned, and the amount (and quality) of sleep. The wristband then sends the information wirelessly to the app for real-time health and wellness reporting. Product page. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

Pivotal Tracker 1 can be worn all the time, fitting seamlessly into your routine to track your daily activity and sleep. Unlike the Fitbit, the Pivotal Tracker 1 offers an OLED screen which provides a quick pulse on key performance indicators; with the press of a single button toggle between Active and Sleep modes or cycle through daily tracking. During the day, it measures steps, distance traveled and calories burned. At night, it measures the quality and duration of your sleep and can be set to naturally awake you in the morning. More information.

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