Wooden Go Kart

Most go-karts are heavy, and not exactly portable, but PlyFly aims to change that. Made from 19mm-thick Baltic Birch plywood, this gasoline-powered vehicle can be put together in less than one day and using common tools. It sports rack & pinion steering, an adjustable seat, a smartphone mount, foam-filled tires, a disc brake system, and even has a safety flag for improved visibility. Continue reading for a video, more information and the Kickstarter page.

“Choose from a 2.5 horsepower and 4 horsepower model, which go as fast as 17 mph and 25 mph respectively. The larger engine runs for about 2.5 hours on a single tank of gas, while the smaller lasts for an hour before needing a fill up. The 2.5 hp model is going for $745, with the 4 hp model costs $845,” reports Hi Consumption. Kickstarter page.


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