Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Most instant cameras do not have ways to save images, but the Polaroid Snap has a built-in SD card (up to 32GB) slot that does just that. This 10-megapixel shooter creates 2×3-inch prints in under a minute, thanks to Zero Ink (ZINK) technology, which uses special heat-activated dye crystals. It features a photo booth mode for shooting 6 photos in 10 seconds, and the option to remove Polaroid’s classic border logo on your instant prints. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Polaroid Snap

“New photos can be snapped while existing ones are printing, and photos are also saved via a Micro SD card slot for transferring to a computer or sharing on social networks. The new Polaroid Snap will be available in late 2015 in black, white, red, and blue for $99,” according to PetaPixel.