Pool Live AR Augmented Reality Billiards
Portugal-based Forge IT wants to take the game of billiards to a whole new level with Pool Live AR. Simply put, the system requires only a single projector and camera, placed above the table, to detect the cue, balls as well as tables boundaries. Once this is mapped, it projects guides in real time. It can also be used to show the score or other bits of information. Read more for two videos and additional information.

The short-throw projector and 3D depth camera system accurately tracks the player’s aim, along with the cue stick’s movement in real-time. Pool Live Aid AR is capable of creating an optimal path for the cue ball to do its job of knocking the others into the appropriate pocket.

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The tool itself has an integrated social network where players can share a particular state of the table [each of the ball’s positions] or load them. A solution for that table state can then be also shared and voted by the community for best solution of that state,” said Forge IT.

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