Porsche Design Book One

Gallery photo credit: The Verge

The Porsche Design Book One Laptop may not include a car, but it does feature a sleek stainless steel hinge, inspired by the gearbox of a sports car. This hybrid can be configured in a number of stances, thanks to a 13.3-inch QHD multi-touch display that connects and detaches with a satisfying click. On the inside, you’ll find an Intel Core i7 processor, a 512GB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and all the ports you need to get the job done. The case itself was machined from brushed / anodized aluminum and sandblasted for a durable silver finish. Click here for a few hands-on images. Continue reading for a hands-on video and more information.

“Porsche Design is only producing one model with top specs, and it’s planning to make it available in April priced at $2,495. That’s a lot of money for even a premium Windows laptop, but you’re really paying the cash for the design and the hinge,” reports The Verge.

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