PrinCube Smallest Color Printer
No larger than most printer ink cartridges, the PrinCube is a one-line color mobile printer touted as the world’s smallest. Unlike normal printeres where you feed sheets of paper, this one prints by simply moving the device across the material one line at a time. It works no only on paper, but cardboard, leather, metal, plastic, fabric, wood, textured surfaces, and skin as well for temporary tattoos. Read more for a video and additional information.

The main disadvantage about the PrinCube is that it prints out just one line — up to .56 inches — at a time. However, there’s also a multi-line function that enbles users to create 9.8 feet of content, separated into individual lines by the movement of the printer. Now the big question you might have is just how long does one ink cartridge last? It’s good for more than 415 A4-sized pages and connects with a PrinCube app over Wi-Fi to let you create as well as transmit design to the printer on the go. Indiegogo page here.