Google Digital Wellbeing Experiments Paper Phone
Google’s digital wellbeing experiments hope to help people find a better balance with technology, and they’ve done so through five experimental apps that promotes technology to assist the user in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the most interesting things they launched was a printable Paper Phone, which lets you take a break from the digital world by printing a personal booklet of the key information you’ll need that day. Read more for two videos and additional information.

The Paper Phone app enables users to choose what to include such as their favorite contacts, maps and meetings and then prints them directly onto a sheet of paper. There are customizable “paper apps” like recipes, phrasebooks and notepads that help get things done or just unwind in a more focused way.

We hope this little experiment can help you try a digital detox from technology and help you focus on the things that matter the most. Paper Phone is an experimental open source Android app which is available to try right now. All of the code is available on Github for people to play with and hopefully adapt and evolve!,” said Google.