Prius Repellant

Tuning shop WelderUp has built what could quite possibly be the ultimate “Rat Rod”. It started as an old diesel Model A, but after tons of work, it became something straight from a Mad Max movie. It’s powered by a custom twin-turbocharged diesel engine setup that produces 1,250-horsepower on petrol and 1,600-horsepower with a nitrous injection. One caveat: passengers need to enter the rat rod through a hole in the roof, since there aren’t any doors. Click here for more pictures. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“It has a theme that combines classic streamlined trains with the dieselpunk look, which is adequate for a rat rod that loves to roll coal. The engine is a Cummins twin-turbo with a custom setup. The Dana 70 rear end would probably work just as well on a Ford F-450. Everything is hand-fabricated and looks like copper that’s been left to take the brunt of the elements. Besides the heavy-duty turbo piping, our favorite part is the front windshield that looks like it came off a WWII bomber,” reports Auto Evolution.