Professor Brian Cox said at the British Science Festival that time travel has already taken place, but on a very small scale. He further went on to explain that the closer someone travels to the speed of light, the more time slows, and if time slows to a significant amount it could transport that person ‘thousands of years into the future’. Continue reading for a few interesting videos and more information.

During his speech at the Birmingham-based science festival, Cox said time travel has already been done, on a very small scale. He added that if the technology was developed to accelerate larger objects, it could be possible for humans to travel to the future, similar to Doctor Who’s Tardis in the TV show.

‘If you go fast, your clock runs slow relative to people who are still. As you approach the speed of light, your clock runs so slow you could come back 10,000 years in the future.’ The theory is based on Einstein’s Theory of Special Relatively that states to travel forward in time, an object would need to reach speeds close to the speed of light.



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