Proteus Non-Cuttable Material Angle Grinder
Researchers from Durham University UK and the Fraunhofer Institute have developed Proteus, the world’s first manufactured non-cuttable material, which has just 15 percent the density of steel. It could eventually be used for indestructible bike locks, lightweight armor, and automobile panels in the future. This material is comprised of ceramic spheres in a cellular aluminum structure to stop angle grinders as well as drills by creating destructive vibrations that blunt the blades of any cutting tools. Read more for a video and additional information.

The tough, cellular skin of grapefruit and the hard, fracture-resistant aragonite shells of molluscs were the main inspiration for Proteus. Its cellular aluminum structure is wrapped around ceramic spheres, so when it’s hgit with an angle grinder or drill, the vibrations created by these spheres inside the casing blunt the cutting disc or drill bit.

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Essentially cutting our material is like cutting through a jelly filled with nuggets. If you get through the jelly you hit the nuggets and the material will vibrate in such a way that it destroys the cutting disc or drill bit,” said lead author Stefan Szyniszewski, Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics, in Durham’s Department of Engineering.