That’s right, a modder has managed to create a custom phone chip for the PSP, which amazingly enough, “is able to receive incoming calls, and display the current signal strength.” Video demonstration after the jump.

Though currently unable to make outgoing calls…PSPhone is also capable of communicating over both CDMA & GSM cellular networks

[via PSPhacks]

Video Demonstration


I’m still working on how to resize it and get it into a mass production.
The pack will contain:
* X1 antenna
* X1 board
* headsets with microphone
* X2 wires
* X1 32 mega memory stick
The antenna to connect to the local network. On the board will be a switch to switch between CDMA network (without sim card) and the GSM network (with the sim card). The wires are to connect the board and the antenna to the PSP. All will cost approximately more or less than $60