Sleek, stylish and silent aren’t words usually associated with personal watercraft, but the Quadrofoil is an entirely different story. This personal craft looks like a futuristic spaceship and runs on electric power, producing zero emissions. You can fit two people, and it tops out around 25mph, with a range of around 54 nautical miles. It fully charges in two hours, and once cranked to its top speed of just over 7mph, the craft rises above the water, appearing to float over the surface, with only the tips of the foils – acts like an airplane’s wings to create lift – in the lake. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The Quadrofoil has been in development for years, but it’s finally reached the preorder stage. Interested parties can pre-order the Q2A model for $18,650 or the Q2S limited edition with the bigger motor for $27,980. These prices also include two life jackets, a paddle in case you run out of power and a safety whistle.


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