Impossible Electric Bike

Most folding bicycles still aren’t small enough to be carried around in a bag, that is unless…you’re talking about “Impossible”. At just 11-pounds, it’s a mere 17 inches tall when folded down into a backpack-sized package. In ride mode, the bike looks like a giant pair of glasses, a circles-within-circles design if you will, that fold right up. Its efficient batteries allow “Impossible” to reach speeds of up to 12.4mph for as long as 45 minutes. At more economical speeds, its range increased to 15.6 miles. Continue reading for a video and more information.

You won’t find any pedals or a chain for weight reasons, so if you run out of power, you’ll have to manually carry it back. The video shows a prototype zipping along on smooth streets while carefully avoid things like potholes and speed bumps. It will be seen if the Impossible can actually hold up to rough streets and / or bad weather.

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