Rare 9/11 Ground Zero Photos

Photo credit: Jasonn Scott via Peta Pixel
A collection of 2,400 photos of Ground Zero after the September 9th, 2001 attacks have surfaced and were discovered on a set of CDs purchased at an estate sale. You’ll see everything from law enforcement in the tower wreckage to cleanup crews. “My significant other acquired them at an estate sale as we collect and archive vintage media for public benefit. I handle a lot of the Internet and archival end of it, and she loves the fieldwork end of it.”” said Dr. Johnathan Burgess to PetaPixel. Read more to see a selection of photos from the collection.

Unseen 9/11 Photos Found at an Estate Sale

“Burgess passed along 2,389 of the photos, shot between September and October 2001, to fellow archivist Jason Scott, who has uploaded them to a Flickr album. The photos, presumably taken by a construction worker who was helping to clear the wreckage, show the cleanup efforts from a number of perspectives: indoor and outdoor, from ground level and from up high, and during the day and at night,” reports Peta Pixel.

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