Razer Project Ariana

Razer’s Project Ariana is similar to Microsoft’s Illumiroom in that it’s a projector that’s designed to complement, not replace, your main display. The system combines an ultra-wide 155° fish-eye lens and a pair of 3D-sensing cameras to “paint” in-game footage, as well as related images (like weather effects) and colored lights, via Razer’s Chroma lighting system, to provide an ultra immersive gaming experience. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Just link up the device to your existing PC gaming setup, activate the Intelligent Room Calibration – dual 3D cameras which detect the room’s size, shape, and any obstacles (like furniture) – and boot up your favorite game. It doesn’t just project a larger version of the game onto your walls, however. The Razer Chroma powered device communicates with your games in real-time and uses a combination of peripherals, smart lighting, and even video projection to seamlessly bridge the gap between the gaming world and the real one,” reports HiConsumption.

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